Relative to Cayen, Cayson is harder to teach at 3.5 years old as we’re still trying to get him to know the alphabets and numbers 1-10. I also observe that during our weekly Shichida lessons where the other kids seem to be memorising the flash cards readily while Cayson is usually silent. (It was not always like that in the last semester but he’s less engaged and quieter in this one. Not sure if it’s due to change in teacher or that his best friend is no longer attending). 
So just to spice it up, Ah Pa Cayson for a trial lesson for Kumon and they gave him some papers that includes simple maths like addition of single digits. To our great surprise, he wrote the answers on his own and scored with flying colours even though he attempted K1 papers. 
When Ah Pa came back with the news, Ah Po wasn’t surprised. She said that he already know maths when he’s negotiating with her whilst sharing the orange. Usually we don’t want them to eat too much as it promotes phlegm so Cayson negotiated.

Funny Cayson

Ah Pa was not feeling well as he’s got food poisoning and seemed to be running a fever as a result. 
Little Cayson was very sweet and asked Ah Pa in the morning if he’s feeling alright , before adding that “oh .. Ah Pa has Coronavirus!” While it’s probably not true, it’s quite an astute judgment from him at this young age, making that correlation. 
Ah Pa was trying to teach him the alphabets but this had been proving extremely challenging, especially for the letter “U” . Every time the finger lands on “U” , Cayson would burst into tears immediately despite having gone through many rounds already. At such point, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry as he genuinely was very upset. But thankfully, after many days of repetition, he’s finally got the hang of “U” and forgot a few others ... haha 
I like to tell the kids bedtime stories about my day. And because some of my days were quite crazy, it made great bedtime stories. 
Hence, now Cayson would ask me “How’s my day? Is it good or bad…

Profound conversations

Cayson has very high sense of empathy. Recently, Cayen fell sick after first day of school (I wonder if he’s allergic to school??!) and this is what Cayson said.
On first day when Cayen’s sick 
Cayson: Are you ok Ah Yen ? 
On second day when Cayen’s sick
Cayson: (first thing in the morning) Are you feeling better Ah Yen ? 
(Right after breakfast)
Cayson: Can I have Vitagen? Ah Po: No, it’s too cold to take in the morning. Cayson: But I don’t have cough! 
Me: Ah Yen is having cough. Must be he has had too much Vitagen.  Ah Po: Let’s not buy anymore. Cayson: Haha I buy already (he just bought from supermarket the previous night)
———- This bedtime ... while he reads his book, I start the new year with a new book too.  One hour later  Me: Let me share with you something that I have read. It offers you tips on how to persuade people effectively.  Cayen: So you mean I can ask you for Minecraft  Me: No, cox I have read the book, this doesn’t work on me. But you should learn the tip anyway. You can use it on …

Meet parent session with Cayson

Went for the regular meet the parents session for Cayson and it was quite a breeze as usual. Teacher commented that he continued to 举一反三 (could extrapolate his learning from one thing to another) and hence, could pick up things very fast. If teacher mentioned carrot, he would start singing a related song that features carrot for example. He has a song for everything. 
His chinese teacher claims his mandarin is the best in class as he could make sentences in mandarin (but his class is primarily foreigner I recall, haha) 

On sharing, he’s also good. When his friend was on the tricycle he wanted, he waited patiently for his turn and also told his teacher explicitly that he’s waiting for his classmate to finish. 
He’s able to independently prepare his mattress/bedding for nap and even bathe himself. He would always be the first to sleep and last to wake, and apparently can sleep through thunderstorm as well. 
On food, he’s getting pickier but teacher recommended to respect his choice. 
As his …

Cayson’s first show and first punishment

Me: How’s the Lion King performance today?C: Good, I like Xavier?  Me: Who? Xavier Tan ? Xavier Huang?  C: No, Xavier the bunny? Me: Why you like Xavier the bunny?  C: He brought many dinosaurs. Oh and we eat food on the bus. Sandwiches.  Me: So where did you watch it? C: Sentosa. Me: Oh, Resorts World  C: No. Me: MBS ? C: No. (I give up. Don’t know where’s the venue and the teacher letter never say) Me: So what else do you like? C: I like the hyenas . Me: Why? Why you like hyenas ? They are evil. C: I like evil.  Me: No, evil is bad.  C: laughs .. I like hyenas.  Me: By the way, tell Cayen who’s Xavier?  C: Xavier’s the hyenas ..
I’m so confused. So who’s the real Xavier in the Lion Kong show? 
Cayson got punished today for the first time ever in pre school. During nap time, he didn’t sleep and jumped on his bed despite teacher telling him to stop. So he was sent to naughty corner. 
So I minus his Dojo points later too. 
Not sure what’s with the terrible three phase. Even my sweet and compliant Cayson is…

Conversations with Cayson

Cayson’s verbal skills have improved a lot over the last few weeks.. here’s some conversations we’ve had recently .. 
Spent the day with Cayson at the National Gallery a few weeks ago .. was surprised at how advanced his conversational skills are now. He was building some blocks and saying this is an attic. I asked him who taught him attic , he said Peppa Pig.
Then we were having lunch, as we were eating , I was thinking about something. He suddenly laughed and said, “Ah Ma eating and Ah Ma freeze” which was quite an accurate observation. 
Then I asked him some questions: Me: do you like what you played just now? C: yes Me: this kind of playing is good. Playing Youtube, iPhone and TV is bad. C: Playing with Ah Yen (Cayen)? Me: good C: Playing basketball? Me: Good C: Shichida? Me: Good 
And it went on. He was able to relate and point out many other things that I would define as good. I think his 举一反三 is pretty good for a three year old. 

I was trying to teach him more Chinese and trying to get…

Feedback from teachers

As part of the regular meet the parent session, I joined Cayson to make ice cream. Think I must be the only one who managed to tear two plastics bags in a row due to vigorous shaking. It’s good fun as Cayson tried his hand at making ice cream from Meiji strawberry milk. 
Teacher’s feedback on him is still good as usual as he’s still quite an obedient and easy going kid though she did remark that he’s picky with some food like vegetables now. And whilst he’s 99% agreeable in the past, he’s been more prone to his own opinion (I read it as trying to get his way). And sometimes he followed his classmates’ action of scribbling away randomly during colouring when he used to colour carefully within the lines.
Observations were quite in line with what we see at home. Recently he would cry when he doesn’t get his way. For instance, we were playing snakes and ladders and he started crying when I made him slide down when he hit a snake. He kept screaming “I want to win”. Later on, he proceeded to …