Feedback from teachers

As part of the regular meet the parent session, I joined Cayson to make ice cream. Think I must be the only one who managed to tear two plastics bags in a row due to vigorous shaking. It’s good fun as Cayson tried his hand at making ice cream from Meiji strawberry milk. 
Teacher’s feedback on him is still good as usual as he’s still quite an obedient and easy going kid though she did remark that he’s picky with some food like vegetables now. And whilst he’s 99% agreeable in the past, he’s been more prone to his own opinion (I read it as trying to get his way). And sometimes he followed his classmates’ action of scribbling away randomly during colouring when he used to colour carefully within the lines.
Observations were quite in line with what we see at home. Recently he would cry when he doesn’t get his way. For instance, we were playing snakes and ladders and he started crying when I made him slide down when he hit a snake. He kept screaming “I want to win”. Later on, he proceeded to …

Funny Cayson

1) I usually am very causal on weekend, just a top and shorts. One day whilst spring cleaning, I found a long flowery dress and I wore it. Cayson saw me and said “Ah Ma, so pretty !” . And he never ever said it to me before. I think he went on to repeat his compliment again. 
Lesson learnt: need to dress up more. 
2) He was trying to talk to me. But I’m talking to someone then. He started to try “ My dear Ah Ma” but I ignored him. He repeated a few more times. It’s quite funny cox he never acdrsssd me as Dear Ah Ma before .
Lesson Learnt: He knows how to use the right words to get attention (though it didn’t work on me, I sure heard him alright). 

Change the world

Brought Cayen and Cayson to the zoo yesterday. Saw a lot of adults and children and all were in awe of the animals that they are seeing and how everybody seemed to really love the animals , from snakes and tortoises to elephants and giraffes.  However, the sad part is that many of these animals are already endangered and may become extinct very shortly. I fear for the future of our children as they will inherit an unlivable planet from us - very hot weather, plastics in our oceans and seafood, increased sea levels, extinct wildlife... Many years down the road, they will all ask why we didn’t do anything when we could. 

If we relate back to our recent crazy hot weather in Singapore, the heatwaves in France and UK, it’s quite evident that the planet is not the same anymore and it’s caving in fast with all the ice melting. The planet is giving us some severe warning signs, and giving us the last chance to act before irreversible change happens (when we hit the tipping point). This is ment…

Cayson is 3 years old

In a blink of an eye, Cayson has turned 3. In the past year, he has learnt a lot of new words and sentences and is a real imaginative kid. He can play with his dinosaurs and animals for hours, in his own make belief world. He’s also very eager and participative when I invite him to come up with random “once upon a time” stories. 
He’s still his very polite self when he will say please and thank you. In fact, if you do him wrong, he will also request you to “say sorry to him” too, which is quite funny. 
His mandarin is above average in his class (cox they are all expats) though sometimes when he sings, I still cannot make our the song. For instance, he makes us laugh when we finally worked out the song he’s singing when we heard it in a movie that day .. “小兔子乖乖,拔萝卜。。。。。 不开不开我不开,妈妈没回来”
He still enjoys taking the bus and mrt , and so I would wake up early on Sunday mornings to take public transport. There’s once when the train broke down and we had to switched to bus midway . Many weeks the…

Parent Meet Teacher Session time

We had Cayson Parents Meet Teacher session last Saturday. As usual, it was a breeze as teachers were full of compliments as he was very easy to handle.  Here’s some highlights :He’s very observant. If they play any games where they hide stickers or objects, he usually will find 7-8 out of 10 items in the whole class. He’s able to empathise. One time when a friend was unhappy, he went over to try to play with her. But she was still angry as another girl friend didn’t want to play with her, so Cayson asked her “why?”He knows how to share very well. When he overheard his friend telling the teacher that he want to play with a toy (that Cayson is holding on to), he went to pass it to his friend automatically without anyone asking.  He’s able to speak in full Chinese sentences, and tell a short story. He’s able to 举一反三 he learns very fast and will ask related question. If he learns something today, tomorrow he will be able to relate if a similar thing comes up. If there’s something he d…

Perceptive Cayson

Cayen got into trouble in school twice last week . Last week I tried to talk him out of it by telling him about going to boys’ home or jail if he were to keep on doing that. 
Yesterday, I returned to find that he has committed another mischief again. Apparently Cayson then asked him why he’s doing it again. Does he want to go to boys’ school or jail ? If he goes there,  Ah Pa and Ah Ma will be very sad. Cayson will be very sad too as there will be no one to protect him in Pats schoolhouse. He will be happy to share all his toys but there will not be anyone to share with. 
With this, Cayen burst into tears. Let’s just hope that this heart to heart prep talk by his younger brother beats the usual punishment and naughty corner. Let’s see.


Ah Po was cooking in the kitchen. Cayson then said to her, ”Ah Po 我 shh shh 了 .. ”
Ah Po hurried over to help, only to realise that he has already pulled his pants down , peed and wore his pants back. That’s a real milestone moment!
Then two days later i.e. today,  he did the same for pooping as well. Hope he gets toilet trained completely before his third birthday! Will save a lot of diapers and save the Earth!
We were just lying on the bed talking , he saw his tummy protruding . He patted it and said “fat fat ... like Ah Gong .., cannot squeeze it”. I rolled over laughing. 
Most Fridays, we would go out of the house for some drinks with friends and usually we won’t bring Cayson but he has since detected this trend. Yesterday, Ah Pa tried to ask him to go buy bread for Cayen , he refused. He told Ah Pa,  “ I love you very much Ah Pa .. can you bring me..?” This is when it’s not clear that we are going out. Needless to say, with this type of emotional blackmail, he got his night out t…