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Dancing virus

It's nice when I can get home early to see him dance ..

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Cayen was window shopping with his ah ma (grandma) while ah pa and I were running some errands. He saw some staircases and wanted to go up. So he turned to ah ma4 and told her earnestly ," ah pa is up there. Go up there to find ah pa" Ah Ma flatly refused as we refused to be tricked into doing so by a two year old. I wonder if he's making an excuse to go climb the stairs or he sincerely believes that ah pa is upstairs. Ah am obviously thinks it's the former.
Anyway, recently , he has been on much better terms with ah gong as he has been bribing him with sweets and ice cream treats. So from ah gong "mai" (don't want), it has become ah gong 抱抱. That day he blurted out "阿公抱抱有目的! 吃糖糖” 
We burst out laughing. Somehow he had picked up the terminology 目的 (motives) from somewhere, probably all of us. I doubt he knows the exact meaning but he obviously associates it with his behaviour of asking for ah gong to carry whenever he wants a snack. 
Well, his purpose…

Cayen's 25 months

This little boy has grown so much .. Milestone this month includes surviving full day in school and singing his first karaoke.. 

Unfortunately, this is also the month that he regressed and starting waking up at night to cry for 阿婆.. Sigh . 

Talking a lot

Blabber blabber blabber .., cayen sure talks a lot of late. I was rather curious if that's the norm for a kid of his age. I tried to ask my mum but apparently he's the only talkative one in class, the rest don't seem to talk much.
Just to confirm if it's indeed the case, I decided to interview him myself :
妈: cayen, 你在学校有没有朋友跟你讲话? Cayen: Emily .. Gwen .. 阿公: 乱讲  妈: 真的吗? Cayen: 阿妈没有朋友怎么办?
Haha, he picked this phrase up from a few days ago. I was trying to talk to my friend but he kept interrupting and asking my friends to go. I told him that I would lose my friends in that case. That was when he started to ask me what am I to do if I have got no friends. 
It was a hectic week of work and events. Hence, today was the first night since Sat that I managed to see Cayen before he falls asleep. Once I entered the door, he said this: "阿妈吃 baba (meat)" I said :"好吃啊?” Cayen: 好吃...good ! (As if to reinforce) Then he points to this dish with ketchup sauce: 阿妈吃辣辣 .. (Because we…

Cayen likes animals

Cayen likes animals, real or not. Surprisingly, he's not really scared of any of them , regardless of their size. Perhaps having the cats around help in the conditioning.

I hope his affinity with animals and his courage remains with him as he grows up ...

天黑黑 - advanced Hokkien

I'm impressed. I don't even know the lyrics to this song .. Except the first phrase as popularised by Stephanie Sun.

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First full day in school

I was worried for this little boy who would get upset if Ah Po were to be a little late to pick him up after lunch. 
So for the last one week, I had been drilling into him the following routine ..and he knew all the answers by heart now.. 
- 吃完午餐要做什么 ? 睡觉 - 睡觉起来要做什么 ? 吃果果 - 吃果果后要做什么? 玩耍..玩游戏..玩煮饭 - 玩耍以后要做什么? 阿婆带我回家..
* though for a while he was confused about 玩耍and 玩刷牙. Cox 玩耍 is a new word.
Anyway, today, I was so worried that he would cry himself to sleep or something. However, I was so relieved to know that he was asleep by the time I called at 1.30pm to check. In fact, I read from the notes that he didn't cry at all and even took a second helping of tea. 
So proud of you baby .. 长大了! 

More Dreams or sleeptalk

Last week , ah pa was helping me charge my phone and in doing so, the phone vibrated on the bed. This was when cayen happened to be  sleeping on the bed as well. It was quite a shock as he had been sleeping for a while but in his sleep , he suddenly muttered firmly" 不要再讲电話,电话关掉”.
Ah pa was very shocked and guilty so he hastily removed the phone. I was super amused. 
Well , all I could say is that the boy's command of mandarin is quite decent, even in his sleep. 
Anyway, here's a picture of how we cope when we're tired walking and carrying him when he falls asleep. We find a massage palour and try to sneak in some massage while he get a bed to lie on.