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Coping with a newborn

During our time at the hospital , ah Pa continue to bring him to school to make up for not being there during bedtime. 
Second night - 1st call 
C: ah pa, come back here, come back to 3105. I need you to be here with me. I miss you. I need you to read story book.
Ah Pa: mama is not well so I need to stay with her.  C: mama can stay there with baby, you can come back to stay with me.
Second night - 2nd call  C: I need you to come home to read story book. Ah Pa: can ah Po read? C: ah Po can only read one Chinese book. I need to read millions of books. Can you come back to read?  Ah Pa: no I cannot .. Need to stay with ah Ma 
After the call, Ah Pa said that it's so heartbreaking , maybe he will go home if Cayen calls one more time. Thankfully he didn't so he stayed over at the hospital again. 
Apparently , ah Po and auntie May tried to read to him but he dismissed Ah Po saying that her reading was no good. He also chased Auntie May out of the room and said that her reading was n…

Welcoming new member of the family

Today, we welcome our latest member to our family - Cayson Lee. Borned at Week 40 Day 1, he's 3.605kg, 51cm tall! 

His favourite tv show - the Sheng Siong show

This is none other than the Sheng Siong show! Apart from cartoons, this is the only Show that can keep him transfixed for the entire hour , season after season.

As such, before I popped, I decided to apply for the free tickets to the show so that he can watch it live ! 
As we heard that Mediacorp has moved to the One North area, we almost drove there but at the last minute, we confirmed that it's at the old Caldecott hill location which is much nearer to our place. Thank goodness! But I suspected we wouldn't have missed much because we were asked to be seated by 7.15pm but it's a live show that will start only at 9pm.. So the wait was a tat long .. But Cayen managed to entertain himself by snacking throughout and doing the rehearsal 百倍百倍 chanting and waving the light sticks so we managed to ride it through to 9pm. And as usual, he's as excited as the contestants when they open the 100x boxes or when they successfully struck the Gong or got the ball into the glasses! H…

His funny statements

Ah pa: come, you haven't kissed me today  (And Cayen kissed him on the cheek) Me: how about me ?  (And Cayen kissed my tummy) Me: no , not here. No baby inside here anymore..  C: huh? But why is it still so big ? Ah Pa: baby is out but it will take some time for it to be smaller.  C: I help you push (or something to that effect)  Me: no , it's ok. Another Auntie will come and help me make it smaller.. 
------------------------------------- While building his magnetic house .. C: my house has coco cola and some salt ... Me: it's Coca Cola .. C: ok, my house has some Coca-Cola and salt .. Me: who taught you to add salt to Coca Cola ? (Secretly amazed that he knew this home remedy)  C: no one! But I'm sure it will be nice! 

C: 阿爸,吃饭了! 去洗手! 不要玩 game ! (Under no one's prompting ..)

Lulu & Hugo adventure - a Turkish escapade (Day 2)

Couldn't get more info out of him and could only infer from the pictures that they made some food and did some painting with a Turkish theme ...

Toilet training

For all his eloquence since a tender age , he is unable to reliably indicate his desire to go to toilet even till now. Not sure if he's purposely teasing or he still can't do it yet.

Initially it was showing early signs of success in his own school (as teacher was trying to teach him) but this took a backseat after he changed school early this year as we had other problems to deal with.
Recently, we reactivated our efforts to toilet train him again and basically , he will get two stickers for peeing and ten stickers for pooping. And he has been earning more stickers of late though unlike other kids, he has shown more success peeing than pooping. 
And he usually likes to stand and poop in a specific corner in the living room .. So I am training him to sit and hold on to the table for support and strength instead. 
Hope that the days of diapers will be over soon ! 

Hassle free ways to keep kids entertained at home

1. Tools : measuring tape

Teach him inches and cm. Ask him to measure everything, from furniture to his grandfather's waist. 
Time burn : 15-20min 
Once he's tired of the above, turn the tape into a jump rope , ask him to jump/step over it or crawl under it. 
Time burn : 10-15min (can lengthen by 10min if various adults participate too) 
2. Tools: Empty coconut 
After drinking the sweet juice from the coconut, you can scrap out the flesh and use it for an ashtray (at least that's what my father was thinking of) or use it as a canvas for him to decorate.
Time burn: 30 minutes because it's not so easy to scribble on a round and rough surface , especially when it's still wet . 
3. Tools: Magnets 
Just let him create whatever he wants. 
Time burn: 30-40 minutes
To increase time burn, ask him to build different lego blocks on the magnets. Then simulate earthquake by shuffling the magnets (plates). Let the buildings collapse and ask him to rebuild again.
You can continue with…

Funny statements about baby

After his clay outing , I asked him if he napped in school after he returned.

C: no , I didn't because I slept in the bus already ...  Me: how you sleep in the bus ?  C: I just sit and sleep  Me: like this ? (I demonstrated)  C: yes, something like that but no baby ! (Hahha, he meant he looked like me but he's not sporting a baby bump !)  ----------
Me: Cayen, can you sleep with baby in the other room ?  C: no .. Too noisy ! (How did he know??)

Lulu & Hugo adventure - a Turkish escapade (Day 1)

Cayen has always liked clay from young and of course the only one he can play at home is plasticine. Hence, naturally I thought he would be very thrilled during the outing today. 
From the pictures, it does look like he's enjoying the clay sculpturing. However, teacher has commented that he and another classmate didn't want to touch the pottery wheel as it was "too dirty" .. That reminds me of the time he refused to sit in one of the baby chairs in the restaurant as it was yellowish and looking rather "dirty". Haha. How OCD! 
From the pictures, looks like one of his other favourite moments might be lunch time and snack time (as his classmate Celine has baked and shared some chocolate cookies!)

The three musketeers

Last week , I was pleasantly surprised to receive an invitation to Cayen's ex classmate (Jiajun's) party. Hence, we readily agreed. However, deep inside, I was also worried if he has gotten over his Mindchamps days .. If you recall, the last outing to Mindchamps to visit his classmates a few months ago didn't go very well, he was not that thrilled and even hid away (acting that he didn't belong) even though his classmates were so happy to see him. 

However, these worries were unfounded after the kids (namely he, Asher and Jiajun) had about 15 minutes to warm up. They started running and screaming around the chalet .. Just like the good old days at Mindchamps. While I was happy to see him happy .. It was quite an overwhelming din for a Sunday evening with five boys running around in circles and fighting with their swords .. Now I know why they are the 3 musketeers ...