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Mother's Day at Pulau Ubin and Chek Jawa

I have very fond memories of Pulau Ubin. It's the site of 2 OBS , once in Secondary where I first met Da, and another during JC. In uni, I went there quite a few times as I was training to be a nature guide there (though I didn't quite make it as I realised I really couldn't tell the different plants apart). That's also when Da and me officially started dating again.

Then, we stopped going there. And it's been so many years since we last stepped on the island. I had wanted to go so many times but request was turned down due to heat and inconvenience etc. Finally , one day before Mother's Day, my mum said she wanted to go to Pulau Ubin, Cayen should like the boat trip there. As it was her wish , that became the command for all to prepare for a Ubin trip the next morning . My bro in law had agreed readily initially , thinking we are going to eat Ubin seafood . Ha ! 
We took a boat ride there from Changi ferry terminal and reached there in around ten minutes I re…

31 months

I don't know where he picked it up from but he likes to say "errr" nowadays .. It's not the hesitant "errr" but the affirmative "errr" .. I.e. If you ask him if he wants this, he will say "errr!"

And this month , he continues to make many cheeky monkey faces and expressions. And he continues to create his own songs by fitting strange lyrics into regular tunes. The most gross one being .. 
"This is the way I 挖鼻sai , 挖鼻sai,挖鼻sai, all day long ... " Accompanied by action of digging his nose ! 
(To the tune of "this is the way")
Recently , I saw that he was crossing out all the pictures in his book and was wondering why. His reply would be "Disney 有这样”. Then I realised that in one of the Disney English episodes of Arts and Crafts (his favourite), they taught kids how to draw Mickey Mouse. To get the proportion right, they will draw a cross first before drawing Mickey . That explains why he was crossing everything ! …

My 3rd Mother's Day

It's nice to come out from the toilet to receive this and a resounding ”母亲节快乐”
I marvelled at the fake flower and the handmade marshmallow flowers .., and I even managed to take two pictures before I realised that the marshmallows were teeming with ants!
I tried to shake them off to no avail - there were just too many. Hence, I had to throw it into the dustbin. I felt so guilty that I had to do that to his handmade gift but there's no way I could eat that marshmallows with honey and the rainbow chips. Thank goodness he had sneaked a bite of one marshmallow on his way home. At least it was not entirely wasted.. 
Thank you Cayen ! Thanks for the present .. 

Technology Woes

Today , Ah Pa was reading him stories before nap time and today he had the iPad beside him as he was trying to sneak a few clicks here and there to play the game.

C: 阿爸,你不要一直玩iPad, 读一下按ipad .. 读一下按ipad . 你没有专心..
Though technology has its perils , today , he did score a few technology points recently.
That day, he was having breakfast with Godma and friends. As he was eating the eggs, he said "E is for eggs". When he was quizzed on other alphabets, he managed to say them correctly ie A is for Apple, B is for ball etc. Finally, when asked who taught him all these, he proudly exclaimed "youtube!" 
Guess we will be pulling out of preschool soon. Haha. 

His first buying experience

Cayen saw a bakery in the distance and naturally he gravitated towards it. Then his eyes gleamed as he saw rows of Macaroon.

Ah Pa says he could choose one hence, he went over to the shop staff. 
C: hello ! I want lemon macaroon. 阿爸付钱..
The shop staff packed it and when C received it, he exclaimed excitedly , " yeah !!! "
Then, Ah Po asked him for a bite, C didn't really want to give and he said , " 很甜哦..” hoping she would give up. (Just like how he told her earlier that "不要啦, 不好吃的啦, 你不喜欢的...” when he was asked by Ah Po to share the Japanese rice. ) Then , Ah Pa asked him to share with me , and to this, Cayen said , "Ah Ma is sick!". 
Recently , he has been slightly more willing to share though there's still more room for improvement !