Cayson is 3 years old

In a blink of an eye, Cayson has turned 3. In the past year, he has learnt a lot of new words and sentences and is a real imaginative kid. He can play with his dinosaurs and animals for hours, in his own make belief world. He’s also very eager and participative when I invite him to come up with random “once upon a time” stories. 

He’s still his very polite self when he will say please and thank you. In fact, if you do him wrong, he will also request you to “say sorry to him” too, which is quite funny. 

His mandarin is above average in his class (cox they are all expats) though sometimes when he sings, I still cannot make our the song. For instance, he makes us laugh when we finally worked out the song he’s singing when we heard it in a movie that day .. “小兔子乖乖,拔萝卜。。。。。 不开不开我不开,妈妈没回来”

He still enjoys taking the bus and mrt , and so I would wake up early on Sunday mornings to take public transport. There’s once when the train broke down and we had to switched to bus midway . Many weeks thereafter, he would still remind me of the fateful day that the mrt broke down. 

When it comes to water, he’s still as fearless as ever when he would jump into water even without goggles. He’s nearly toilet trained but there’s occasional misses as well. Hope we will see a breakthrough when he’s 3! 

I must say I have seen more tantrums/whining when he doesn’t get his way in the past one year but still it’s relatively manageable. Hope it’s just a terrible two phase which will soon fly past. 

Nonetheless, he’s still very much an endearing boy who wins everyone’s heart easily, from his politeness to his random singing and his ferocious fruits eating habits, from durians to rambutans to lychees to cherries to mangoes.. he devours them all. 

Happy birthday Cayson. I wish you great joy and good healthy for this year and forever. Love you loads. 


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